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The BICW Awards 2018 Winners list it out! We’d first like to extend a huge note to thanks to all the publishers who submitted their titles for the award.

The BICW – Contemporary Awards 2018 aims to recognize and reward the best books for children in the age group of 6 to 12 years from publishers across the country.

The BICW Jury comprises of an experienced school educator, facilitators who use literature to foster a love for theatre in school children, and a school founder. Our entire panel of judges was thrilled to read the large variety of books shortlisted for this year.

After taking each of the judges’ opinions into account, we are happy to announce the winners of the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) – Contemporary Awards 2018! The winners are segregated by reading level.

Read more about the BICW leveling process here.

The BICW Awards 2018 Winners – Level 1

LevelThemeBook TitlePublisher
1FRIENDSRamya’s Snack BoxMs Moochie Books
1HOMEWhere is Amma?Tulika Publishers
1FAMILYMinu and Her HairTulika Publishers
1LOVEMy Mother’s SariTulika Publishers
1CHANGEAnnual Haircut DayPratham Books
1FOODBalu’s BasketTulika Publishers

The BICW Awards 2018 Winners – Level 2

LevelThemeBook TitlePublisher
2ADVENTUREA Walk With ThambiTulika Publishers
2ANIMAL STORIESGajapati KulapatiTulika Publishers
2FAMILYThe Night MonsterKaradi Tales
2FUNDungi DanceTulika Publishers
2MAKE-BELIEVENeelu’s Big BoxTulika Publishers
2SEASONSRaindropsTulika Publishers

The BICW Awards 2018 Winners – Level 3

LevelThemeBook TitlePublisher
3ANIMAL STORIESRooster RagaTulika Publishers
3KINGS AND QUEENSA Silly Story of BondapalliTulika Publishers
3FRIENDSHIPMangoes and MischiefMs Moochie Books
3LOST AND FOUNDCatch That CatTulika Publishers
3FANTASYThe Magic UmbrellasMs Moochie Books
3LEARNING A LESSONAngry AkkuPratham Books

The BICW Awards 2018 Winners – Level 4

LevelThemeBook TitlePublisher
4ROYAL FAMILIESThe Lonely King and QueenTulika Publishers
4FUNAditi ZooMs Moochie Books
4BEING DIFFERENTWings To FlyTulika Publishers
4HEROISMKali And The Rat SnakeTulika Publishers
4ANIMAL STORIESUp World, Down WorldPratham Books
Dada’s Useless PresentKaradi Tales

The BICW Awards 2018 Winners – Level 5

LevelThemeBook TitlePublisher
5SIBLINGSHow Old is Muttajji?Pratham Books
5ANIMAL STORIESMagnificent MakhnaTulika Publishers
5FOLK TALESUnder the Neem TreeTulika Publishers
Me Math
Ms Moochie Books
5ADVENTURETrouble with MagicDuckbill Books
5MISCHIEFTimmi in TanglesDuckbill Books

The BICW Awards 2018 Winners – Level 6

LevelThemeBook TitlePublisher
6FRIENDSHIPSandy to the RescueDuckbill Books
6CURIOSITYBhimrao Ambedkar:
The Boy Who Asked Why
Tulika Publishers
6ADVENTUREThe Missing Mathematics
Ms Moochie Books
Eeee… Here’s My Story!Ms Moochie Books
6WIT AND WISDOMRazia and the Pesky
Duckbill Books

The BICW – Contemporary Award 2018 aims to recognize and reward the best books for children in the age group of 6 to 12 years from publishers across the country.

Read the story of how it all began here.

Aside from recognition, the BICW Award affords the winning titles a minimum guarantee purchase (anywhere between 200 to 2000 copies) which will, in turn, be distributed to schools across South India.

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