The Missing Mathematics Notebook – Behind the Story

Why does a thief think a child’s Mathematics notebook is valuable?
The Missing Mathematics Notebook, Book Cover, Boy, Searching
The Missing Mathematics Notebook is written by Amrutash Misra, illustrated by Samrajni Patil and published by Ms Moochie Books.
Winner of the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW), 2018.

Recommended Ages:
Regular 10+ | Advanced 8+

Someone Stole My Homework!

Like most ideas do, it all began with a single thought. In this instance, the thought was- ‘What if there’s a boy named Ramanujam who loses his Mathematics notebook one fine day?’

Or, even better- whose maths notebook gets stolen!

Amrutash Misra, the author of The Missing Mathematics Notebook, first wrote this story out as a part of a Book Lovers’ Program for Schools Activity Book.

This particular children’s tale ends on a note of suspense, which further hints at why someone would want to steal Ramanujam’s maths notebook in the first place!

At Ms Moochie, before the illustration and publishing process begins, we read the story at schools and gauge the children’s reactions. Then, we make any changes that are necessary.

This time, when we took The Missing Mathematics Notebook to schools, the children so keen to get to the bottom of the notebook mystery! The story was a hit! Some of the children even solved the mystery before the main characters did.

In the light of such an overwhelming response, Amrut decided to flesh out the plot some more and make a fully illustrated storybook out of it. And so, the final story features Ramanujam, along with his two friends Vikram and Subhashree. Inspired by their favourite TV show, Detective Gopi, the three decide to solve the mystery together.

When we completed the writing process for the book, we approached Samrajni Patil to illustrate the story. After all, no children’s storybook is complete without the perfect illustrations that convey so much more than words ever could. Samrajni was most enthusiastic and to our delight, agreed to come on board immediately.

Check out a few of her concept sketches for the book cover, and the final chosen cover below!

The Illustrated Journey of The Missing Mathematics Notebook:

This book is a particularly perfect read for all those aspiring young detective out there, waiting to solve their next case. For example, they will definitely love deciphering the clues in the story. To be sure, they will love this fast-paced quest to unravel the truth.

Overall, we are very happy with the final product, and hope you love it as much as we do. What’s more, we’re so honored and grateful that the book has won the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) for 2018.

So, have you read The Missing Mathematics Notebook yet? We’d love to know what you think in the comments below!

Has someone stolen Ramanujam’s notebook? Get your copy of The Missing Mathematics Notebook and find out!

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