‘Ramya’s Bat’ bowls the Sexism Out Of Cricket!

From the immensely popular ‘World of Ramya and Ramu’ Book Series, comes a story that dares to tackle sexism in cricket. In Ramya’s Bat, little Ramya is determined to play cricket- despite what everyone else says!

It’s IPL season!

Every year when IPL season rolls around, it brings back to mind players like Kohli, Dhoni and Jadeja. But how many of us know about the Female T20 Tournament?

In spite of all the efforts of trailblazers like Mithali Raj and Smriti Mandhana, India mostly pays lip service to women’s cricket. We must treat women’s cricket and women’s sports tournaments as leagues worth our time and attention.

This conservative mindset has to change from the grassroots, so that little girls aspiring to be the next Harmanpreet Kaur feel encouraged to pursue sports and other traditionally male dominated fields. We believe that media representation is a powerful catalyst for change. Empowering characters act as role models for our children, molding their young minds to embrace equality- like Ramya!

In Ramya’s Bat, Ramya faces many obstacles in her dream to play cricket.

Ramya's Bat Book Cover, Girl, Cricket

Ramya’s passionate resolve and eventual triumph is a subtle way to let children know that their talents are determined by hard work, and not by gender.

What are your thoughts about sexism in Cricket? We’d love to know! Leave a comment below!

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