Reading sessions and storytelling are fantastic ways to teach a new language. Are you looking for ways to make your storytelling sessions more interactive? Worry not! We’ve got just what you need.

Through our Book Lovers’ Program for Schools, our storytellers have promoted the joy of reading to countless students over the past ten years. As a result, we have tons of tips and tricks to make your storytelling and reading sessions more fun and interactive!

The storybooks used in this article are from the Best of Indian Children’s Writing List. These books have been specifically chosen for their engaging plots and diverse characters. Another important criterion is how well they work in classrooms during storytelling and reading sessions. All of these books are guaranteed hits with the children they’re aimed at! (Read more about our Reading Levelling Process here).

So go ahead and try these stories out in class!

We have previously written about how language learning needs to be aided by activities. To recap, in the BLPS method we split our process into 3 broad steps:

1. Pre-storytelling Activities

2. Storytelling & Book Reading Sessions

3. Post-reading Activities

Session Plans for Level 1

Annual Haircut Day, Book Cover, Reading Sessions

1. Annual Haircut Day

Story Theme: Change
Author: Rohini Nilekani
Publisher: Pratham Books
Price: ₹ 40

Also: Read for free on StoryWeaver

Ramya's Snack Box, Book Cover, Reading Sessions

2. Ramya’s Snack Box

Story Theme: Friends
Author: C G Salamander
Publisher: Ms Moochie Books
Price: ₹ 150

Session Plans for Level 2

Gujapati Kulapati, Book Cover, Reading Sessions

3. Gajapati Kulapati

Story Theme: Animal Stories
Author: Ashok Rajagopalan
Publisher: Tulika Books
Price: ₹ 150

The Night Monster, Book Cover, Reading Sessions

4. The Night Monster

Story Theme: Family
Author: Sushree Mishra
Publisher: Karadi Tales
Price: ₹ 399

Session Plans for Level 3

A Silly Story of Bondapalli, Book Cover, Reading Sessions

5. A Silly Story of Bondapalli

Story Theme: Kings and Queens
Author: Shamim Padamsee
Publisher: Tulika
Price: ₹ 150

Angry Akku, Book Cover, Reading Sessions

6. Angry Akku

Theme: Learning a Lesson
Author: Vinayak Varma
Publisher: Pratham Books
Price: ₹ 40

Also: Read for free on StoryWeaver.


You might have noticed that I didn’t elaborate too much on the reading part of the session plan. I feel that this part needs to be uniquely tailored to the level of each class, and if possible, to each student. Have a mix of the different types of reading methods so as to not bore your kids. The books listed here, and most picture books, in fact, are great when they’re read out loud.

Feel free to use these activities as templates for any book that you’ve chosen. Just remember to keep the activities as connected to the story as you can.

Read more about what to look for while choosing a book here.

Also read: 5 Session Plans with BICW Books for more storytelling ideas.

Confused about what book to pick for storytelling? Need more advice on how to create classroom activities based on storybooks? Want more session plans for other BICW books?

We’re happy to help!
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Also check out other children’s books from the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) Collection!

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