The Beautiful Dinosaurs

Freadom Bloggers – Our young writers exhibit their creative thoughts and writing skills. Here’s a story about four dinosaurs.

Once upon a time there lived four dinosaur friends in a forest. Their names were PterodactyI (Terry), Brachiosaurus (Brachi), Stegosaurus (Steggi), and Diplodocus (Denny).

One day they had a quarrel among themselves about who is more beautiful. 

Terry said, “I can fly with my beautiful wings, so I am more beautiful.” 

Brachi said, “My neck is very long. I can see things at a great height and eat tall trees, so I am more beautiful.”

Steggi said, “I have beautiful petal-like-patterns on my back, so I am more beautiful.” 

And Danny said, “I have a very long tail and a long neck, so I am more beautiful.”

Their quarrel continued for a long time. Then, at last, they decided to go to the Judge dinosaur to confirm who is more beautiful. 

They all went to the Judge and explained the problem. The Judge thought for a while. Then he told them to draw their picture. He said he would declare the winner based on the best picture drawn. So they all went to a nearby river to see their reflection in the water and started drawing their pictures.

Everybody drew nicely and went back to the Judge. The Judge inspected all the pictures they had drawn and declared that each one of them looked beautiful in the pictures, so they are all beautiful.

All the dinosaurs were happy to see this and played together.

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