fREADom: 5 Ways to Get More Out of the App

fREADom is more than just collections of Children’s Books! Here’s 5 ways to get more out of the fREADom App.

Welcome to fREADom!

Congratulations on making the decision to steer your child away from spending a majority of their time watching a screen. Now that you and your child are on the App, here are top 5 ways to get the best out of the fREADom app.

1. Try at least one Activity every day.

As you and your child explore the app, you will probably want to read as many stories as you can. However, encourage your child to try the activities. Why? Trying out activities activates the Progress section on the App. You can then track your child’s performance in various language skills like Vocabulary, Phonics and Comprehension.

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2. Read the News and start a Streak!

fREADom is not just about providing resources for your child to read. We also like to make it an interesting journey for the child. Which is why, we have the News Streak. For every continuous day that your child reads a News Article, your child builds a Streak! There are children as young as 5 years old who have a Streak of  780+ days. For how many days do you think your child can read the news everyday?

2. Listen to a Story

Spend quality time with your child by choosing one of our many audio stories and listening to the story with your child. You can pause to explain things to your child or even make it an everyday event. Doesn’t Bedtime Stories together sound good?

4. Explore a new Topic from Collections

Maybe you have always told your child stories with animals in them. Or you assume that some topics might not be appropriate for their age. On the fREADom App, every story in a collection has been curated to ensure that it is appropriate for your child’s age and grade level. So, go ahead and explore new stories every day.

5. Find a Story

The fREADom App has so many stories to choose from! So many that it might take lots of scrolling and choosing to find a story you are in the mood for. That’s what our Find a Story is for. Just choose the topic, the medium (read, listen, watch) and the App will do its magic. Presto! Here is one (or even more than one) story that matches your choice. Read on and enjoy!

The fREADom App has a lot of resources to offer to your child. Be it child-friendly News that is positive and informative or Stories curated specifically for your child’s reading level or Activities designed to improve your child’s English language skills; fREADom has it all.

Stay tuned to this space for tips on how to get more out of your fREADom App.

fREADom App

A productive screen time app for ages 3 to 12, that focuses on improving English Language skills.


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