A Girl Who Did Not Like Lunch

Freadom Bloggers – Our young writers exhibit their creative thoughts and writing skills. Read this story about the girl who did not like her lunch.

A long time ago, there lived a girl named Tia. She did not like her lunch. Tia’s mother used to pack her lunch which she never ate. Her teacher and mother always told her to eat, but she never listened to them. Seeing this happen every day, her mother stopped packing lunch for her. Soon Tia started feeling hungry during school hours. 

One day an ant was passing by. She was carrying the wing of a cockroach. The ant heard Tia saying she did not like her lunch. The ant told Tia to eat the tasty wing. Tia replied, “I do not like insects, yuck!” The ant did some magic. Tia became as small as the ant.  

The ant took Tia to her village. There she saw that everybody struggled for lunch. She realised the value of food. The ant changed her back into a girl again. When she went home, Tia told her mother that she would eat her lunch and would not waste food anymore. She said, “Mom, please pack my lunch every day.” 

Tia’s mother started packing lunch for her again. Tia also kept her promise. Tia and her mom lived happily ever after.

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