5 Reasons Why Reading Should Be Your Family’s 2021 Resolution

Reading is for the whole family! Here’s 5 reasons why you should nurture a book-loving home to unleash the creative spark within your child.

The virtues of reading are hardly new to any parent. Here are some perks to embracing a book-loving family lifestyle that you may not have considered!

Reading Aloud, Reading with Children
Families that read together, stay together.

1. Reading Inspires New Hobbies & Rejuvenates Old Ones

A great way to get children reading more, is to select books that include things they already like.

Is your kid a video game buff, taking on vampires and zombies and ghouls? Goosebumps has a vast collection of the most thrillingly monstrous tales, to keep them entertained and flipping pages till the end.

Or maybe they have a habit of stopping to pet every puppy and kitten they see on the street? Dr. Dolittle is just the book for young animal-lovers.

Books allow kids to explore the hobbies they already have, and serve as gateways to new ones they might not encounter otherwise. Not only do they help them understand where their strengths lie, but often end up shaping what they go on to do in the future. Let your little one discover activities and topics they love, through the joy of reading.

2. Books Improve Conversational Skills

Does your child have trouble finding the right words to say? Are they usually sulking in a quiet corner at a birthday party or family event? If you’ve noticed shy behavior and a reluctance to socialise with their peers, reading might be the answer.

Books help kids learn to express themselves better through expansive vocabularies, and give them a foundational understanding of varied subjects. They make great conversation starters! When kids share stories and find mutual interests with the people around them, it becomes the perfect catalyst to build meaningful relationships.

If their new friend likes mysteries, they could discuss a recent case they read about in Nancy Drew! If their interests lie in science, Frankenstein is an imaginative story to share.

Combined with reading aloud, books arm kids with knowledge on everything under the sun and the uninhibited confidence to flaunt it.

3. The Road to Empathy is Paved with Good Books

Through reading, children are exposed to characters hailing from different backgrounds and experiencing diverse conflicts. Consequently, they develop a keen social awareness that follows them throughout life.

A book like I Am Malala teaches kids about the gift of education that so many others their age are denied. Meanwhile, series like Malory Towers or St. Claire’s show that school can be fun and drive home the importance of good friendships.

Books impart important values and ethics in a way that transforms us at a deeper level. These are lessons that remain for life, especially when we connect and relate to the characters in these stories.

4. Reading Time is Quality Family Time

Story time — even an hour of reading with kids in the evenings — nurtures a productive habit that goes a long way for any child. In addition, it serves as cosy bonding time for the whole family. Getting kids excited about something new is an art – one which stems from the examples set by us.

Once your child starts appreciating books, don’t be surprised to them occasionally curled up with one, finding silent comfort in their own company.

Make storytelling more interesting with these tips and tricks for Reading Aloud To Your Children!

5. Around the World in 80+ Pages

Between family commitments and work deadlines, many of our travel dreams remain unfulfilled. But there’s no need to rush to the nearest embassy – books are passports that make it possible to explore the world from within the comfort of your home, completely visa-free.

Can’t agree on a holiday destination? No problem – your kids can take a trip to the past with Malgudi Days, journey to the future with The Time Machine, or experience the magic of visiting Hogwarts. Meanwhile, you can stroll through the quaint streets of Old London or explore the bazaars of Dubai!

So, there you go! Make the best of this quarantine with reading as a family resolution, and watch these lesser-known benefits blossom over the course of the new year.

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