5 Ways to Bond Better with Your Child

Learn how to communicate better with your child, have more meaningful conversations, help them open up more and strengthen your bond.
“What did you do today?”
“Did you have fun?”
“Where’s your lunchbox?”
“Why didn’t you finish your lunch?”
long pause
“Can I watch TV now?”

Pre-Covid times were simpler. Without me needing to specify, I’m sure you’ve figured out who the adult and the child are in the above dialogue. And, I’m sure we’ve all been in one of those two positions at some point in time.

Speaking to your child in order to bond with them, making the home a space where they feel safe to express themselves and most importantly, giving them a sense of confidence to confide in you as their caregiver, has never been easy. In a world where the school-home divide has found itself in new territory, creating a genuine bond has become increasingly difficult for the parent. How do you then engage with your child, when the two of you are practically spending all your time together and you already know what’s going on in their lives?

Here’s where we come in! These are the top five ways to help you along on the journey to bond with your little one.

So let’s go!


This is a great question to bring up at breakfast with your child! It sets a positive intention for the day in your child’s mind. Maybe they’ve got a test that they’re really NOT looking forward to, and that’s okay! The intention isn’t to make them look forward to the test, but more about them engaging with you. Getting the test over with is a good spin on their dread! Create a long lasting bond by being their constant pillar of support and encouragement.


A great follow up question is to check in on your child’s feelings. Are they anxious about that test? Fearful of not being prepared enough? Scared of your reaction to them not performing well? Help them identify their emotions in order to communicate them better to you. As a result, they learn to understand themselves and address their difficult emotions with you. And then, you get to sneak in a hug and a cuddle to reassure them!


Trash those stale old “How was your day” and “What did you do at school today”, and replace them with this question. Sure, there’s a high probability that you’ll still get the standard “nothing” as a response. But it’s a far more engaging way to spark a conversation around the things that they are learning about in school or hearing from their peers. Such as – Did you know that limbs evolved from fish fins? Go, google that!


In a child’s world, everything is new! And each day brings with it a plethora of opportunity. But at the same time, it comes with its own set of challenges. Checking in to ask them what they need help with is one way of making them accept that challenges are a part and parcel of life. This, in turn, helps them understand that their challenges can be dealt with by either talking about them or by asking for help. All of this in turn also provides you with a way to actively involve yourself in their life and encourage them to face their fears. And, you get to be your child’s cheerleader!


Setting boundaries within the gambit of “obedience” is difficult, I know. However it is important for a child to set boundaries for themselves early on. Firstly, it results in them becoming more self-confident.

Secondly, teaching a child to learn to say no protects them from being taken advantage of by their peers or by adults that might make them feel uncomfortable.

Thirdly, they understand that they are empowered by choice. However, this does not give them a free pass at skipping their vegetables. It’s a thin line, what can I say?

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