Timeless Enid Blyton Books for Kids

Enid Blyton’s classic books are the perfect way to introduce young readers to the world of mystery and life at boarding school!

I still remember my first Enid Blyton book. As a child, my reading journey began with the world of picture books. I started out with fables told through pictures and gradually moved on to the world of comics. Soon, it became a family tradition to buy books for me at the beginning of every holiday trip. Sometimes, I would begin my book even before the train had left the station!

My first introduction to the world of novels was through an Enid Blyton Book.

While I still don’t remember the exact book, it was a mystery book set in an English town. The story captivated my attention because of two reasons:

1. A title that talked about a mystery and
2. Pictures of children who looked about my age on the cover.

Even though the book had no pictures inside (as I discovered later), nonetheless, I was engrossed in the story and completely forgot the outside world until I had finished it. And that’s how I fell in love with Enid Blyton.

Throughout her long, illustrious career,, Enid Blyton wrote many, many books for children and young adults. Here are some of her books that my friends and I loved growing up. I’m sure your child will enjoy them, as well!

Enid Blyton’s Young Detective Series

As I grew older, I read more and more of Enid Blyton’s writing. Some of her (still) popular series are The Famous Five and The Secret Seven. The former is a series about, (as you may have already guessed), four mystery solving cousins and their dog. Enid Blyton also wrote The Five Find-Outers which is about five children and (you guessed it!) their dog.

1. The Famous Five

This series is about four cousins and their dog. Two boys, two girls and a dog meet every holiday and set out on grand adventures on their cycles or alone on foot.
Enid Blyton, Book Cover, The Secret Seven

2. The Secret Seven

This series is about 7 friends and their dog who form a secret society, complete with a secret knock, a password and society badges which had to be worn to every meeting. Thrilling stories for a child in third grade who had never seen any clubs or badges.

If you have a child who is looking for more than picture books, or a child who has already started reading books, you can take a look at any one of these three series. There are many books in each of these series. Additionally, your child will enjoy the process of building their personal book collection with these titles. Of course, if your child loves to solve puzzles or read detective novels, they will definitely enjoy these books.

You can also start out with the Mystery books in our fREADom store like Mira The Detective and The Missing Mathematics Notebook.
Mira The Detective
Mira The Detective
The Missing Mathematics Notebook
The Missing Mathematics Notebook

Enid Blyton’s Boarding School Series

Teenagers will enjoy reading Ms. Blyton’s stories about life at a Girls Boarding school. There are two series- Malory Towers and St. Clare’s. They both talk about life at a boarding school, and describe the different kind of girls who study there- the prim and proper ones, the mischievous ones, the tomboys, the silly ones and the sensible ones. When I was young, reading these books made me wish I lived in England. I wanted to go to a boarding school and play with girls like those in the stories, play games like lacrosse and badminton and swim in the sea!

Enid Blyton, Book Cover, Malory Towers
The Malory Towers Series
Enid Blyton, Book Cover, St Clare's
The St. Clare’s Series

These are just a few of the many Enid Blyton books out there! While she wrote primarily for young readers, her books appeal to young adults and adults as well. Her language is easy enough to understand and pulls the reader into the world she creates. If you want to take your child on a journey through a new world, then pick up an Enid Blyton book today!

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