A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

Once upon a time, an old man was sitting at the bus stop, waiting for his bus to arrive. A young school-going child came and sat next to him as he was also waiting for his school bus.

The school bus stopped at the bus stop as the new driver of the bus could not find his way to the school. He then saw the old man and approached him. He asked the old man if he knew the way to the school. The old man gave directions to the driver. The driver then felt sorry for the old man and asked him, “Would you like me to drop you off to the place you want to go?” 

The man was very grateful and said, “Thank you, young man. My house is near the school.” Saying this, he boarded the bus. 

After a while, the bus arrived at the stop near the old man’s house. The old man then insisted that the driver should come to his house and have something to eat. The driver accepted. He first dropped the kids at school and then went to the old man’s house. The man gave a packet of biscuits to the driver. He also gave the driver a bottle of water before he left. The driver thanked him. 

The next day, the young schoolboy who sat beside the old man at the bus stop went for his football classes. It was near the old man’s house. While the boy was playing, he hurt his head very badly. The old man saw what happened and immediately took the boy to the hospital. 

The young boy’s father arrived at the hospital, and to the old man’s surprise, he was the bus driver. The driver thanked the old man for his kindness. He decided to stay till the boy got better. After a few days, the boy was okay again. The boy thanked the old man, and since then, the old man and the boy are best friends.

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