fREADom BuZz – February 2021 Newsletter

With content created and curated exclusively to appeal to the sensibilities of young modern learners, fREADom helps young minds fall in love with reading and learning.

fREADom BuZz is the official fREADom monthly newsletter. Here’s what we’ve been up to in February 2021!

Dear Readers,

After the unprecedented challenge we faced last year, we kicked off 2021 with hope for a better, brighter, and healthier future. But no person is an island, and we cannot hope to see through the days that lie ahead all by ourselves. Whether it is a moment of hardship or an occasion to celebrate, life is infinitely better when we have our loved ones by our side.

As the saying goes, “Love may not make the world go ‘round, but it makes the ride worthwhile.”

Through fREADom, we seek to help young minds fall in love with reading and learning. With content created and curated exclusively to appeal to the sensibilities of young modern learners, we hope to see them grow up as sensitized individuals and help them foster their love for their family and friends, the environment, and the larger world.


1. fREADom Challenge

Our monthly endeavour to blend imagination, creativity, and learning

Every month, we pick a theme and invite entries from children across the world!

February Theme: ‘Love You More’

Riding the momentum of the month of love, the February fREADom Challenge Love You More invited children to creatively express their affection for their families and pets.  

January Theme: ‘Hope’

The January edition of the Challenge was HOPE where the participants learned the art of origami (paper folding) and shared their messages of hope for the new year. Check out the following video walk-through of the lovely entries sent in by our young learners! 

Our young readers’ response to the January Challenge!
Missed this month’s Challenge? Don’t worry! March will be all about nature and you!

Theme for March: ‘Nature and You’

How to participate:

Do keep an eye on the app for more details. In the meantime, have you recently read any nature-themed stories or poems that you loved? Let us know in the comments below! 

2. fREADom Activities

Your one-stop destination to practise English language skills

The Activities section on the fREADOm App aims to help our young learners develop critical language skills- ie, listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Exams knocking at your door? Don’t worry, it will be a breeze. To help consolidate their year-long learning, we have curated special activities for revision and practice in this exam season. They are guaranteed to help hone your comprehension, vocabulary and grammar skills, and make you exam-ready. After all, grammar can save lives! As that meme goes, there is a difference between ‘Let’s eat grandma!’ and ‘Let’s eat, grandma!’

The Activities section has all kinds of fun ways to learn English! From verbs to vocabulary, puzzles and comic strips. Here’s a small example of how fREADom impacts the way young wordsmiths develop their writing skills and creativity- a Flower Shaped Poem by young Kanishk, in Grade 2.

We love it! Good job, Kanishk!

3. New Stories on fREADom

A treasure trove of stories and poems curated just for you

They say the simplest gestures of affection are the biggest. So, why not take some time out of your schedule, get together with your family, and engage in a little story-reading session? Your pets are welcome to join in too, of course! In keeping with the theme of love for family, here are some suggestions for stories to dive into. Read them on the fREADom app!

Bedtime Stories

by Kanchan Bannerjee and Harshvardhan Gantha

Grandma’s Glasses

by Rohini Nilekani

Shobhini and Nani

by Sarvendra Vikram and Vibhash Pandey

4. Top Stories from fREADom Writers

A collection of writings by our young authors

Every day we receive lovely poems, stories, and other written contributions penned by our young wordsmiths. The fREADom Writers Collection on the fREADom app showcases their imagination, language skills, and flair for writing. Here are some of our favourite stories that we have received over the past couple of months!

We are always delighted to receive original creations by young writers in our inbox at

Please send in your original entries in the form of editable Microsoft Word documents

5. fREADom News

Your daily dose of informational tidbits from around the world

As the only constant in life is change, we do not rest on laurels and constantly strive to make upgrades to what we create and offer to the world. With this motto in mind, we have been redefining the News section on the fREADom App over the past month, and have enlarged its scope to include a wide variety of themes and formats. Our aim is to help young minds expand their general knowledge, and stay posted about interesting facts and trivia from both the present and the past. 

Here is a snapshot of a news piece we reported recently.

On 18 February 2021, NASA’s rover ‘Perseverance’ landed successfully on Mars.

To know all you need to know about the mission, check out the News section and then solve the quiz below! 

💡 When was NASA’s ‘Perseverance’ rover launched?

6. fREADom TV

A Sunday special – just for you!

Have you heard the big news? fREADom TV is the new kid on the block! YouTube’s latest live-action show created JUST FOR KIDS!

New episodes every Sunday at 11:00 am!

fREADom TV is a mix of entertainment and learning through storytelling, child-friendly activities, book recommendations, special segments with industry experts, as well as a segment featuring children who participate in the activities and challenges on the fREADom app.

Watch the episodes here:

Episode 1: Watch, Learn and Have Fun!

Episode 2: Love to Read Too!

In line with the fREADom Monthly Challenge theme for February, Episode 2 was all about family love! It included a heartwarming story where a mother reassures her child with love; a little game with the adorable puppets Mooch and Mini; an interactive session with Kavish Gadia (CEO, Stones2Milestones) where he talks about the story behind the name ‘fREADom’; and much more! 

Episode 3: Fun for You and Me!

In Episode 3 of fREADom Tv, we went on a journey with Puchku to the Library and shared her love for reading storybooks. We also learnt new words with Mooch and Mini and sang and danced along to the fREADom Theme song! There was also a cameo by some very special guests telling us what they think of Mooch and Mini! Watch the episode now if you haven’t already!

Episode 4: Celebration – COMING SOON!

In Episode 4, we’re celebrating diversity in a royal way on the new episode of fREADom TV! We’ve even found new ways for you to participate in the festivities! Make a crown, sing a song and watch the Prince of Bondapalli get very round! Coming up on Sunday, at 11 am! Don’t miss out!

fREADom’s Quote of the Month

‘It didn’t matter how big our house was; it mattered that there was love in it.’

– Peter Buffett

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