Why Stones2Milestones is My Happy (work)Place!

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Here’s why working at Stones2Milestones keeps me happy, peaceful and satisfied with my job as a Facilitator!

For the last five months, I have worked as a Facilitator for Stones2Milestones (S2M), and everyday, I feel more excited to start class! I decided to write this article for teachers, or anyone looking to start their journey as a Facilitator.

Before beginning my career as a Facilitator, I worked in different CBSE schools. As a classroom teacher, we try to give our children the best possible quality education. In order to do this, teachers have to juggle many things at once- i.e, lesson planning, classroom management and the actual teaching!

Stones2Milestones is a company that understands this. They are fully aware of the multiple things a teacher has to do, and so have dedicated teams for each aspect of learning. If your focus is on classroom teaching, a separate academic team prepares the best lesson plans to choose from. This workload sharing makes a world of a difference, and sets Stones2Milestones apart from other organisations.

But that isn’t the only reason why I love working at Stones2Milestones! Here a couple more qualities about Stones2Milestones that keeps me happy, peaceful and satisfied with my job.

Why I love working at Stones2Milestones:

1. The Work Environment
  • I really love the work environment at S2M. Everyone is very friendly and you won’t ever feel like you are working “under” someone. They act as guides, and even provide mentorship to help you get adjusted.

  • You can work from your home in your comfort zone. All you need is good WiFi and a quiet space where you can teach and laugh with your children. 
2. Opportunities for Growth
  • You get to grow professionally. As an organization that is growing and expanding, they enthusiastically welcome new people and fresh ideas. You have the space to create, and even lead new projects.

  • There are many learning opportunities at S2M. For example, there are weekly academic discussions, and masterclasses on different topics, once in every two months.

  • You get to meet students from all across India! Yes! And trust me, interacting with different people does wonders for your confidence levels!

  • You get opportunities to explore your other related skills like writing, blogging, speaking etc.
3. A Steady Income
  • You can earn good amount of money, from the comfort of your home. You can earn upto Rs. 17,000 for 72 hours of work. Apart from this, you also get incentives and benefits when you refer any child to a program or course.
4. Engaging and Rewarding Work
  • The lesson plans are designed to be fun for children. Every class is a joyful, rewarding experience. There are fewer things in life that can make you as happy as the love you receive from students.

  • Change is the only constant! You will never be bored at this job. Every three months you will meet different students, and teach different levels. In the process, you get to explore more and more of the curriculum. Every level has something new and exciting to offer!

  • Very few jobs will give you this level of satisfaction. Creating a nation of readers, educating children and teaching literacy is one of the most rewarding careers that exists.

If you’re a teacher (or thinking about it)- I hope you will consider working with Stones2Milestones as a Facilitator. I have zero regrets and look forward to my job everyday! So don’t think twice about applying.

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