fREADom – more than just a Reading App!

fREADom is a one-stop English learning app for kids aged 5 to 12 years old. In today’s world, English as a language has become so important for communication. So much so, that everybody wants to learn at least the basics of the language from the time they are young! And what better way to learn English than with the fREADom App?

Fun with fREADom!

At fREADom, we learn and teach English in a very different way. Apart from stories, there is so much conceptual learning on this platform through sound, videos, music and so on.

English as a whole is taught in depth from Comprehension, Vocabulary, Rhyming, Grammar and Word Categories through interactive sessions that make learning fun. In this technological world, there is so much to learn on the app.

The app has everything from children’s stories to a news section, activities, quizzes, etc. The topics cover all ages and reading levels, from as basic and interesting as Revising Letter Names, Appreciating Rhymes, Grammar Bingo, Elements of a Story, Spelling Star, Poster Party, Mr Post Man (writing friendly letters), Syllables and much, much more! All these make fREADom the perfect platform, not just for reading but to master the English language as a whole.

Why fREADom?

Because the teaching, learning and execution on the app is absolutely phenomenal. Difficult topics are covered in such simple and holistic style, which works amazingly well for both kids who are just starting to learn, or those who are further along, but struggle with fluency.

With their promise to create a nation of readers, learning English has never been easier and more effective with fREADom.

The fREADOm App is a must-try for anyone who thinks English is a different, difficult language to grasp!

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  1. I am doing the freadom classes and me and my mother is feeling a lot of change in me and my parents are thinking for my small 6 years old sister to join this freadom classes.

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