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English isn’t a complex language. Rather, it is quite an interesting language to learn. However, if it isn’t your mother tongue or the first language spoken, it becomes a little tricky to get the hang of this peculiar language.

Only about 20% of the world’s population speaks English as a first language. Despite this, the rest of us can’t afford to be left behind. As the world’s preferred language, it is important for all of us to learn and communicate effectively in this language.

Learning English in India

India claims to be the world’s 2nd large English speaking nation. In these modern times, learning English has become easier. Technology has become so powerful that we can learn an entirely new language just through digital media. One can learn it through videos, podcasts, movies, music, stories, TV shows, and more! With the digital world, it seems the possibilities are endless.

Once we fully embrace the contextual method of learning the English language, the workload becomes lighter. Learning any new language with context speeds up the process significantly. Additionally, it is a gender neutral language. That means, there is no masculine or feminine classification of nouns. Since there are no gendered nouns, there are also no gendered verbs. Thus making verb conjugation easier, when compared to other languages. To make matters even easier- most of its words act as both nouns and verbs.

Vocabulary is a big part of learning any language, and there is no language as easy to learn as English.

Think Global, Speak Global

English is the lingua franca of the 21st century. People all across the world adopted it for ease of communication and collaboration with different countries and cultures.

Unlike earlier, with limited resources, learning a language was difficult. But now, times have changed. We no longer need to struggle to find books and materials to learn.

In the end it is just in our mind and for us we can and we should be able to let our children learn this language and be more confident about themselves so that they also become a part of our country’s largest english speaking population.

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