fREADom BuZz – March 2021 Newsletter

With content created and curated exclusively to appeal to the sensibilities of young modern learners, fREADom helps young minds fall in love with reading and learning.

fREADom BuZz is the official fREADom monthly newsletter. Here’s what we’ve been up to in March 2021!

Dear Readers,

In the 1840s, German educator Friedrich Froebel coined the term kindergarten which translates to ‘children’s garden’, a place where children get both nature and nurture. Research tells us that when we are in the midst of nature, it enhances our creativity, and boosts our productivity and wellbeing. Research has also shown that the freedom to explore paves the path for out-of-the-box thinking. In our hectic lives in the modern world, it has therefore become increasingly important to nurture tomorrow’s leaders, entrepreneurs, artists and wordsmiths by helping them develop a deeper connection with nature and fellow humans.

Through fREADom, we seek to help young minds fall in love with reading and learning. With content created and curated exclusively to appeal to the sensibilities of young modern learners, we have created a virtual garden where children experience the joy of learning.


1. fREADom Challenge

Our monthly endeavour to blend imagination, creativity, and learning

Every month, we pick a theme and invite entries from children across the world!

March Theme: ‘Nature and You’

March was dotted with more than one environmental day, including the anniversary of the iconic Chipko Movement in India (26 March). In keeping with the ‘go green’ mantra, we gave children an opportunity to feel closer to nature through the March fREADom Challenge Nature and You.  

February Theme: ‘I Love You More’

The February edition of the Challenge was I Love You More where the participants expressed their love for their near-and-dear ones in various creative ways. Check out the following entry we received from Mishthni Aswani (Grade 1) from all the way in France! 

Missed this month’s Challenge? Don’t worry, there are many other Challenges in store! Laugh and make others laugh with a fun-filled Challenge coming up in April!

Theme for April: ‘Just for Laughs’

How to participate:

Do keep an eye on the app for more details. In the meantime, do you have any funny stories or jokes to share? Share them with us in the comments below! 

2. fREADom Activities

Your one-stop destination to practise English language skills

The Activities section on the fREADOm App aims to help our young learners develop critical language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Here is a glimpse into how the Activities section is helping children develop their critical thinking and writing skills.

by Sampurna Mondal (Grade 4)

3. New Stories on fREADom

A treasure trove of stories and poems curated just for you

There are very few things in life that can hold a candle to the pleasure of a funny story. And while reading one by yourself is great, do you know what makes it better? Reading and laughing with others! They say that the best way to bond with a person is to laugh together. So, get together with your family and friends, and enjoy these stories that are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone! Read them on the fREADom app.

Bhabho the Buffalo

by Tripurari Sharma

The Nose of all Noses

by Meera Ganapathi

Reeti and Mithu

by Anupa Lal

4. Top Stories from fREADom Writers

A collection of writings by our young authors

Every day we receive lovely poems, stories, and other written contributions penned by our young wordsmiths. The fREADom Writers Collection on the fREADom app showcases their imagination, language skills, and flair for writing. Here are some of our favourite stories that we have received over the past couple of months!

We are always delighted to receive original creations by young writers in our inbox at

Please send in your original entries in the form of editable Microsoft Word documents

5. fREADom News

Your daily dose of informational tidbits from around the world

Over the past couple of months, we have been redefining the News section on the fREADom App and have enlarged its scope to include a wide variety of themes and formats. Our aim is to help young minds expand their general knowledge and stay posted about interesting facts and trivia from both the present and the past. 

Here is a snapshot of a news piece we reported recently.

On 16 March, long jumper Sreeshankar Murali from Kerala broke his own record.

What did Shreeshankar accomplish? Check out the News section and then solve the quiz below! 

💡 Sreeshankars record-breaking jump won him a ticket to _____________________________.

6. fREADom TV

A Sunday special – just for you!

Sundays have become even more special with a new episode of fREADom TV being telecast every week at 11 a.m.! It is a live-action show created JUST FOR KIDS on YouTube!

New episodes every Sunday at 11:00 am!

fREADom TV is a mix of entertainment and learning through storytelling, child-friendly activities, book recommendations, special segments with industry experts, as well as a segment featuring children who participate in the activities and challenges on the fREADom app.

Watch the episodes here:

Episode 4: Learning through Fun and More!

In Episode 4 of Freadom TV, we celebrated the diversity in language and culture with a feast in the Kingdom of Bondapalli! Suki told us A Silly Story of Bondapalli, published by Tulika Books. The jam packed episode had a royal crown making activity, while Mooch and Mini turned serious learners by discussing language and dialect. An age old nursery rhyme came to life with a sing along of Sing a Song of Six Pence. Watch, rewatch and spread the word! (Keep a plate of scrumptiousness at hand, just in case!)

Episode 5: Read, Watch and Fly High!

Episode 5 was all about colours. We explored the wonderful world of colours with a very special guest – Kamini! No prizes for guessing who Kamini is from the picture! Mooch and Mini explored the colourful natural phenomena of the Rainbow. Even the sing along segment explored colour through a classic lullaby – Lavender’s Blue! Mrs Janaki, the much loved and funny animated Teacher was our special guest who spoke to Amrut on Tea Time Talk, too. Letters to fREADom showcased all the wonderful participants of the app’s fREADom Challenge! Watch the episode now to catch up on all the fun!

Episode 6: Stories, Songs and Puzzles mix!

Episode 6 had a brand new storyteller to tell us a story! Dungi Dance, published by Tulika Books came to life with Aeli’s retelling. We also learnt new words with Mooch and Mini through a crossword puzzle! This time’s sing along song was super special as it was an original composition created wholly – from lyrics, to melody to execution – by Aparna Nelson of the Content team! The previous week’s sing along proved to be a wonderful success with our fREADom Trailblazer children sending us their videos, featured in the Letters to fREADom segment! Check out the fun-filled episode now!

Episode 7: Stories, Storybooks and English Song Lessons!

It was a cacophony of sounds on Episode 7! Aeli told us the story of Ruru from the storybook Rooster Raga, published by Tulika Books. Mooch and Mini followed cue and explored the wonderful world of onomatopoeia. This time’s sing along came with a twist! The favourite classic Old MacDonald swirled animal sounds with vowel sounds! And to help you along, subtitles have been added too! Head on over to fREADom TV on YouTube to indulge!

fREADom’s Quote of the Month

‘Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.’

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

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