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In a world that’s changing constantly, it’s not easy to raise a child. In fact, it takes a village, now more than ever to do it successfully. We at fREADom will be that village and help you navigate the 21st century, and raise curious and confident learners.

Today is April 2nd and it is special too! 

It is the International Children’s Book Day, and we at fREADom, are in the mood to celebrate some incredible Indian children’s books that are available on the fREADom app.

Growing up in the 90s and early 2000s, I remember how hard it was to find good Indian children’s books to read, especially ones that weren’t only about mythologies. I know most of you would have been familiar with RK Narayan and Ruskin Bond stories, but beyond these I only recall reading Tinkle magazines and a few moral stories. 

So when I’d run out of these stories to read, I consumed a lot of Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew mysteries. TinTin and Asterix and Obelix were also staples from my weekly trip to the library.  

While these books were great to read, and helped me access a vocabulary that I couldn’t have otherwise—suddenly I was talking about clotted cream and scones and ham sandwiches as if I ate them every other day, they also emphasized how the stories were very removed from my reality. 

Reading about children with names such as Betty, George, Jack and Pam was just not relatable beyond a certain point.

Fortunately there are thousands of Indian publishing houses today that exclusively publish books for children, by Indian authors, that help children find their story. 

So a young girl, reading a story about how her namesake overcame her stutter to dazzle in a theatre performance (Manya Learns to Roar), or a young boy learning about the power of asking ‘Why’ (The Boy who Asked Why) has the power to shape their future!

Manya Learns to Roar by Shruthi Rao
A Walk with Thambi by Lavanya Karthik

I still remember the joy on my niece’s face when she found A Walk with Thambi on the fREADom app. She was really excited because she had a ‘thambi’ (younger brother) of her own who she went on walks with. Immediately, a story in a book became so much more than that.

We know that the books your child reads now will stay with them long after!

We at fREADom constantly strive to curate the best Indian children’s books. We have over 2100+ stories on our app that will help your child expand their reading skills.

Explore the wonders of reading Indian children’s stories, only on the fREADom app. Happy Reading!

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