Parenting – The Pandemic Edition

During the pandemic, I learnt that there is more than one type of parenting. I realised something more important – most of us are simply not equipped to raise our child, 24/7, on our own.

One of the many lessons the Pandemic taught me was that it literally does take a village to raise a child. Parents in nuclear families struggled even more. With balancing work-from-home schedules, official meetings, the house work without the maid, AND having a child at home to keep an eye on, it wasn’t easy. Joint families had it a little easier, but managing the child and the at-home school sessions was (and still is) not a piece of cake.

School during Pandemic

The online school sessions added a crunchy layer of frustration and futility to the scenario. Parents were suddenly forced to become teachers. Experts at their work with professional degrees, now had to contend with algebra and grammar rules. We passed out of school ecstatic that we would never see these concepts again. New terms like “hobbies and craft ideas” are suddenly appealing. Extra-curricular classes seem enticing – the longer the better.

When the Pandemic began, it created multiple challenges for everybody. And parents have to suddenly learn to teach their children and take over the academics as well. Online classes, exams, PTA meeting are the new normal. Some parents have created a new routine for the family which will probably be disrupted once life returns to “normal”. And well-being people come around and say “Don’t put your child in too many classes. Too much screen time is not good.” If you are looking for ideas to introduce your child to a new hobby, read this post on our blog.

Even parents who are teachers don’t have it much better. They just can’t leave the school at school anymore. The job has followed them home too. They now have to engage their students online and their child offline. Parents have seen a steep learning curve in the Pandemic and we are still learning. However, learning apps have made life easier for a lot of us.

The Freadom App

The Pandemic has brought a surge of learning apps into the market. All of them promise to make parents’ life easier. So what sets Freadom apart? As a parent, you can track your child’s activities and progress in real-time. You know what stories and activities your child is engaging in. You have a different types of stories to choose from – audio stories at the end of a long day, text stories for a me-time session and video stories to occupy your child during that important work call. Check the Freadom App if you haven’t already.

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