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Vol. 2 It Takes a Village: The Ultimate Newsletter for 21st Century Parents

In a world that’s changing constantly, it’s not easy to raise a child. In fact, it takes a village, now more than ever, to do it successfully. We at fREADom will be that village, and help you navigate the 21st century, and raise curious and confident learners.

It is impossible to know the English language and not be aware of William Shakespeare.

While you may all recall struggling to make sense of his ‘doths’ and ‘thous’ in middle school, Shakespeare is said to have contributed over 1,700 new words to the English language, most of which are still in use to this day.

If it isn’t already obvious, we at fREADom LOVE English.

We believe that it’s not only a language skill, but an extremely important life skill to have. Think of the most mundane tasks you perform everyday: grocery shopping, travelling, even picking a channel to watch on TV—everything requires at least the basic ability to read and comprehend English.

Every subject your child studies at school is an English subject by extension. Their ability to easily read, write and comprehend English will help your child solve math word problems, study the laws of physics and even write chemical equations.

Understanding why and when your child should learn English is only solving part of the equation.

How your child learns English is just as important.

Did you know that it is possible to learn a second language through the first language you already know and speak?

Your child’s mother tongue can actually pave the way for them becoming fluent in English.

Imagine they speak Hindi at home.

At school, their teacher is trying to teach them the days of the week in English. Now based on the context, your child’s brain will likely connect the Hindi name for a day to the English one and help them remember it this way until they become more fluent. This is called translanguaging.

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At fREADom One, our one-on-one premium online English classes, we believe in the power of translanguaging.

Our teachers, besides being experts in online teaching, are also bilingual language experts. They are committed to make young learners feel comfortable and motivated as they pick up English as their second language.

Choose the perfect teacher for your child and unlock the magic of English learning.

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