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Club1BR is a community on a mission. Bringing together everyone committed to raising 1 Billion Readers is the goal. English language proficiency improves academic prowess. This leads to better employment and lesser inequality. As leaders, teachers and parents, this is our mission.

Schools that are part of Club1BR get the coveted BR rank. The BR rank is a prestigious marketing that communicates the school’s real achievements. This can then be shared with stakeholders of the school.

But, that’s not all! Members get free community access, upskilling workshops, apps, books, discounts, and more. Every quarter brings with a new list of exciting rewards.

Apart from this, students of Club1BR schools get 6 months (and more) free access of The Freadom reading app. Stanford University has collaborated on building the “good screen time” app. It has even gone on to win many awards. There are over 2000 books from top publishers like Penguin, HarperCollins, Tulika, etc.

In addition to this, the club also recognizes the tireless efforts educators. School Leaders and Teachers also get access to an exclusive nation-wide community. Teachers can share their thoughts, reach out for help and even participate in discussions on teaching practices. The community also celebrates Teachers and School Leaders on the community.

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Club1BR is an entirely free program brought to the world by Stones2Milestones. Started in 2009, S2M predates the pandemic and most ‘edtech companies.’ Right from the very beginning, our mission has been clear – to promote English language proficiency in children of ages 3-15.

fREADom App

A productive screen time app for ages 3 to 12, that focuses on improving English Language skills.


Online English classes for ages 5 to 12. Proven methods for children to improve academic performance and confidence.


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