fREADom BuZz – April 2021 Newsletter

With content created and curated exclusively to appeal to the sensibilities of young modern learners, fREADom helps young minds fall in love with reading and learning.

fREADom BuZz is the official fREADom monthly newsletter. Here’s what we’ve been up to in April 2021!

Dear Readers,

‘Challenge’ is a strong word, whichever way you look at it. Feeling challenged, facing a challenging situation, wanting to challenge yourself, or loving challenges – each comes with an opportunity to get to know yourself better, to stretch the boundaries of your potential, and to grow and improve. Challenges can be used to our advantage. They are an invite to put our best foot forward and become the best version of ourselves.

Through fREADom, we seek to help young minds fall in love with reading and learning. With content created and curated exclusively to appeal to the sensibilities of young modern learners, we have created a virtual garden where children experience the joy of learning.


1. fREADom Challenge

Our monthly endeavour to blend imagination, creativity, and learning

Every month, we pick a theme and invite entries from children across the world!

April Theme: ‘Just for Laughs’

Every year the month of April kicks off with jokes and friendly pranks, thanks to April’s Fool Day. Taking the lighthearted mood and hilarity as a cue, we invited children to participate in the April fREADom Challenge Just for Laughs.  

March Theme: ‘Nature and You’

The March edition of the Challenge was Nature and You where the participants expressed their appreciation for Mother Nature in various creative ways. Check out the following entry we received from Jane Fiona (UKG).  

Missed this month’s Challenge? Don’t worry, there are many other Challenges in store! Get ready to make the best out of your summer holidays with a fun-filled Challenge coming up in May!

Theme for May: ‘Summer Fun’

How to participate:

Do keep an eye on the app for more details. In the meantime, do you have any special plans this summer? Are you planning on picking up a new hobby? Or perhaps you want to try preparing a new dessert to beat the heat? Share them with us in the comments below! 

2. fREADom Activities

Your one-stop destination to practise English language skills

The Activities section on the fREADOm App aims to help our young learners develop critical language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Here is a glimpse into how the Activities section is helping children build and expand their vocabulary.

3. New Stories on fREADom

A treasure trove of stories and poems curated just for you

From the desk of Tulika Publishers, we bring to you these delightful stories. Read them on the fREADom App.

Gajapati Kulapati

by Ashok Rajagopalan


by Vaishali Shroff

Kali and the Rat Snake

by Zai Whitaker

4. Top Stories from fREADom Writers

A collection of writings by our young authors

Every day we receive lovely poems, stories, and other written contributions penned by our young wordsmiths. The fREADom Writers Collection on the fREADom app showcases their imagination, language skills, and flair for writing. Here are some of our favourite stories that we have received over the past couple of months!

The Helpful Little Boy
by Arshi Roy

Read it on the fREADOm App

How the Tiger Got Stripes
by Ananya Deb

Read it on the fREADOm App

The Mystery Man
by Shailesh Jangid

Read it on the fREADOm App

We are always delighted to receive original creations by young writers in our inbox at

Please send in your original entries in the form of editable Microsoft Word documents

5. fREADom News

Your daily dose of informational tidbits from around the world

The News section on the fREADom App seeks to help young minds expand their general knowledge and stay posted about interesting facts and trivia from both the present and the past. 

Here is a snapshot of a news piece we reported recently.

A team of scientists in the USA have done something no one could imagine doing in their dreams. And it is all with spider webs!

What did the scientists do? Check out the News section on the fREADom App and then solve the quiz below! 

💡 The scientists made _________ out of spider webs.

fREADom’s Quote of the Month

‘Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew.’

– Cicely Tyson

fREADom App

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