We’re not done celebrating Mothers (Day)!

Vol.3 It Takes a Village: The Ultimate Newsletter for 21st Century Parents

In a world that’s changing constantly, it’s not easy to raise a child. In fact, it takes a village, now more than ever, to do it successfully. We at fREADom will be that village, and help you navigate the 21st century, and raise curious and confident learners.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and It Takes a Village would be incomplete if it didn’t acknowledge our fiercest warriors at a time like this.

From being primary decision makers, to helping with coursework, mothers play an important role in their child’s education. This role they play so effortlessly through their child’s academic life has only been compounded by the first and second wave of the Pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

All mothers are supermoms and during the pandemic this has meant spearheading their careers from home, looking after the household, working overtime to ensure their children’s education hasn’t been adversely impacted and keeping them occupied at home 24X7, all the while managing their own mental stress of surviving a global disaster with their family intact.

No biggie, right?

The switch to online classes, while being cumbersome for children has proven to be particularly challenging for parents who are now having to play the role of parent+educator. They have to now oversee their child’s cybersafety and concentrate efforts to ensure learning is happening. They also have to familiarize themselves with the curriculum and timetable, so they can track progress. After all this, they even accompany their child to online classes.

Online classes have to become spaces that not only address a child’s educational needs, but also spaces that nurture their psychological needs, especially during a time that’s as emotionally challenging as this. One way to do this is to make sure the child’s voice doesn’t get lost in all the noise. Parents and educators need to regularly check in with children, to understand how they feel about their classes.

Over 75% of the fREADom mums rated their children’s happiness after a fREADom Live class, above 8 on a scale of 10. Every 3 out of 4 parents observed a noticeable increase in their child’s English skills.

The no-pressure learning environments created by our facilitators and the pedagogy has led to parents fundamentally believing that our online classes
not only support learning, but encourage their child’s all-round development
and success.

fREADom University, our new platform for Cohort Based Courses (CBCs) further enhances the fREADom learning experience for children. Each course goes beyond developing foundation English skills and actually helps children apply the skills they’ve learned to build a 21st Century career. Children will not only be taught by educators trained in online teaching but also leaders in the industry who leveraged English skills to develop careers that didn’t exist before.

From YouTube content creation to entrepreneurship, children have a chance to learn with peers and build critical social skills and a network, even before they’ve stepped into college.

Registrations are now open for KidTube by Ganesh Pai, a course designed to help your child launch their first YouTube Channel!

Apply to KidTube here!

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