Did a wave of nostalgia hit you when you read the title? Perhaps it brought back a rush of memories. The ringing of the lunch bell. Noises of school bags rustled through and steel tiffins opened. And not to forget, yells of “NO RUNNING THROUGH THE CORRIDORS”!

When I think of a Lunchbreak, what comes to my mind is the huddle of heads and fingers reaching for other’s food. The lockdown has taken with it more than just the environment of learning. It has robbed us of friendship and togetherness.

So, to make a start at filling this void, Club1BR organized its first Lunchbreak for Teachers! Late as it was in the day and the week, spirits were high. What started off with nervousness akin to the first day of school, made way for giggles and laughter when describing each other’s predicaments of teaching from home.

All smiles at the end of a no-agenda session!

Our next Lunchbreak is going to happen very soon and is going to be a lot of fun! PSSST: We’re going to be playing games! And our teachers are choosing what to play!

If you’re a teacher and want to be part of The Staff Room of Club1BR, leave a comment under this post!

If you represent a school and want your teachers to have the experience of being part of a pan-Indian teacher community, you can know more.

Read about Club1BR here.

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