Project #MessagefromKids

We have launched a new program to make social media a more positive place. Read on to find out more.

Our news and social media feeds are filled with stories of illness and loss on a daily basis. We could all do with a message of hope and positivity. Do you know what makes the message even better? When it comes from tiny humans who are the best example of staying positive during hard times – children!

Presenting our latest project – #MessageFromKids

What is #MessageFromKids all about?

#MessageFromKids is a contest from fREADom Live where our children give us hope, courage and joy. We asked kids “What will you do after the pandemic is over?”

The children record their responses on video and share it on social media. The children are astonishing us with their answers. You will LOVE these hopeful and cute speeches.

You can visit to submit your entry. Through this contest, you stand a chance to win iPads and other cool prizes!

Why #MessageFrom Kids?

We want to make social media a more positive place. And we feel that the best ambassadors for this mission would be children! Children are brutally honest and incredibly funny and entertaining at the same time. Also, did we mention that there are prizes to be won?

Here is a video sent by one of the kids.

To participate in the program, all you need to do 3 minutes of your time. Just go to the MessagefromKids website and record your child’s message. Share it on social media and tag @getfreadom. It really is that simple!

Share this with other parents in your circle and get more children to participate. Making social media a happy place to visit first thing in the morning will motivate more parents to share their children’s videos.

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