Vishnu School, Bhimavaram – Club1BR Champion


Club1BR is about encouraging the reading habit in the younger generation. We are readers ourselves and I personally believe that it is a shame that there is not a single superhero whose super power is reading. Reading is way cooler than it is made out to be. I could go on about reading but… that is not what this article is about. Moving on.

Vishnu School, Bhimavaram was at the 3rd position on the April Club1BR Leaderboard. Now, at the end of May – the school is gunning for the top position. The School embodies the true spirit of the 1BR program by encouraging the students to read – as much as they can. The school teachers are conducting a mini rewards program around reading within the school.

The teachers assign stories to the children to the story through the Freadom App. Children read the story and send an audio recording to the teacher. The teachers save these recordings, identify one student as the reader of the day and put up the child’s photo on the Broadcast group and share congratulatory messages from all the teachers to the child.

These audio recordings are then shared on the School’s Podcast. If you want to listen, just click here to listen to the podcast on YouTube. To give you an idea of the kind of numbers the school has achieved, there are 115 children on the Freadom App from the school and the children have read 1500+ stories.

Congratulations Vishnu School on being Reading Champions in Club1BR.

fREADom App

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