Fun in Gujarat with my family

l went to Gujarat with my family and I enjoyed. I went to a beach and l was so happy, then I said “wow! This is the best vacation of my life”. Then I played in the sea and I sat on a camel with my mom and dad. I was so scared then. On the next morning, we went to another beach. Then we enjoyed. After playing in the beach, we went to a temple. After that, we went to Science City.

There were many animals and a statue of Tyrannosaurus Rex. I said “wow! This is very huge!” After seeing the statue we went to a amusement park. There, we saw a double decker bus. I said it’s a double decker bus! I have never seen this bus in my life. Then we were going home. We took a flight. Then our flight took off. I was so nervous and also, when it was landing I was so nervous. After landing, we went to our home.

I hope you liked my journey to Gujarat.

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