This is Rithisaa sharing about my favorite festival – Diwali.

Wake up Rithi wake up! See our neighbors are bursting crackers outside, let’s also go and burst. I opened my eyes and saw my mother standing near my bed. Then she gave me a nice head massage. When I finished my bath, I had a pretty surprise that was a beautiful red frock . When we were praying, suddenly, the calling bell rang and the second surprise was on the gate – a big box of crackers.

Everyone in the family gathered and burst the crackers. After some time, a nice aroma was coming out of the kitchen so I went inside and saw some delicious sweets, snacks and special breakfast were getting ready for us to eat. We all washed our hands and had our breakfast. Once it was done, we all started playing some fun games. Soon, my friends and relatives came to my home to share the wishes and sweets.

We all decided to go to the temple to get blessings from God. On the way back home, we went to some of my friends’ and relatives’ home to share the sweets. In the evening, there was a special cake cutting arranged because it was my birthday. Yes, I was born on Diwali day. I got all the blessings, wishes and gifts from my family and friends. I thoroughly enjoyed both Diwali and my birthday.

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