My Favorite Game (Roblox)

My favorite game is Roblox. I played Roblox two years back for almost 5-7 days but I could not understand the game. Now as I understood it, it has become my favorite game. I play Roblox every Sunday for 30-45 minutes and enjoy playing with my brother.

I like Roblox because it is an online multi player game. It has many flavors of games inside it. We can make our own characters which we imagine and also chat over Roblox with our friends playing with us. My favorite games in Roblox are Criminal vs Swat, Anime Tycoon, etc. This is a free app available over Windows and Android.

The thing that I don’t like in video games is that people get addicted to these games. So we should play video games for a limited time. Also, sometimes the app crashes while playing the game. Sometimes, it happens that the visual shown on the app does not match with the real game. As a result, we need to download the game separately.

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