It’s Time to Take the Stage

Vol 4. It Takes a Village: The Ultimate Newsletter for 21st Century Parents

In a world that’s changing constantly, it’s not easy to raise a child. In fact, it takes a village, now more than ever, to do it successfully. We at fREADom will be that village, and help you navigate the 21st century, and raise curious and confident learners.

Remember this?

Your parents wake you up early after an entire summer of sleeping in. At first you resist, five more minutes you say, burrowing further under the blanket. Suddenly you realize what day it is and jump out of bed. You hurry through your morning routine, making sure your backpack has everything you might need for the day. Your uniform is crisply ironed and your shoes shine with a coat of fresh shoe polish.

Your father asks you to hurry up and eat your breakfast, the school van is almost here! Your mother reminds you to check if your school bag is properly packed. But your stomach is already full with a flutter of butterflies performing synchronized summersaults.

It’s the first day of a new academic year and you’re getting ready to go back to school and meet all your friends.

Now, imagine this

You keep checking the news to see when your child’s school will reopen. Most states across the country plan to reopen schools in a month’s time. Even when they do, classes will take place online. Your child will still have to dress up in their uniform, perhaps sans shoes. Their desk is dominated by the laptop and when school begins, your child will ‘meet’ all of their friends and teachers through little boxes on their screen.

Instead of passing notes to each other when the teacher’s back is turned in class, they will send each other quick texts in the chatbox. Instead of playing with their friends during games period, they game on different platforms after all their online classes are done.

This is not to dismiss their social interactions on the basis of the fact that it’s all happening online, across screens. Platforms where most online classes are held have created interfaces that support and even encourage collaborative learning ecosystems. Schools and teachers across the country have ensured that online classes don’t impede learning. They have adapted to form online HIVEs (High Intensity Virtual Experiences) and explored technological avenues that take their teaching forward.

Children get to interact with their peers closely on projects, take part in school events and even engage as cohorts. A sense of community prevails despite the social barriers created by digital learning. Social skills like sharing, conflict resolution and empathy are still being built although the process looks a little different now.

Online interactions demand mastery of a whole new social rulebook. Children have learned to keep their mics muted during online class, raise hands before speaking up and read people’s social cues before responding across the distance.

What’s evident is that while the social plane has changed, the confidence children need to be social is still the same. Empowering your child with a skill like public speaking now is crucial.

fREADom University’s public speaking course Take the Stage will give your child the gift of confidence to tackle any social scenario effortlessly. The instructor of the course, Dipika Singh will give your child the public speaking toolkit that’s designed to equip every young leader with the skills they need to create an impact.

First batch starts on 22 June.

Click here to enrol now!

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