Early Grade kids learn 2X faster in FLive Classes

Children from early grades show great progress in their Oral Reading Fluency levels after joining the FLive program. Read on to know about the Flive program and how we are tracking the improvements in Oral Reading Fluency shown by the children.

fREADom live (FLive) classes are online, 1:7 or 1:1 teacher-led interactive classes for children up to Grade 6. fREADom live classes provide a complete learning ecosystem, where children’s learning with the teacher in the live class is supplemented by a mobile app, fREADom, to bond over reading at home with the parents. It is recommended to focus on English from an early age to get a good grasp on the language.

FLive program assess different skills at respective milestones to inform the teachers about the student’s learning development and to suggest interventions where required. Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) is one of the key skills that we teach in FLive classes. In simple terms, it is the ability to read text accurately and with expression. ORF is a good indicator of an individual’s reading and fluency level.

The data shows that students are making rapid progress in Oral reading fluency skill in FLive classes. Students have shown significant improvement in ORF assessment test which is taken at the start and then at the end of the program. The data (Figure 1) indicates that the reading fluency skill for FLive students improved by 20% in just 3 months. Students from across the different grades showed similar improvement.

Figure 2 compares this improvement in reading fluency with typical growth seen in students who are in similar grades and speak English as a second language. The slope of the two lines shows that reading fluency in Flive classes improves twice as fast as the normal speed seen in students across grades 1 to 4.

This paper discusses these results in detail and also talks about the technological and machine learning driven advancements made by our team to fully automate the oral reading fluency test. On demand digital assessments free up valuable learning time, allows the teacher to focus on students in the class and can be taken periodically to keep track on student progress.


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