This Young Girl Has Been On the Freadom App EVERY DAY for the past THREE YEARS!

When Kashish Gupta first got started on the Freadom App, she was merely six years old, studying in Grade 1, and only just beginning to build what would later become a lifelong passion for reading. Now, 1136 days (and counting) later, she’s explored every inch of the app, excitedly devouring a wide variety of stories, quizzes, activities and news pieces!

When asked about her impressive feat, Kashish mentioned that maintaining a long streak had always been one of her aspirations. In fact, she had specifically decided to incorporate Freadom reading time as an integral part of her daily routine.

Kashish diligently completes her homework during the day, eager to unwind with the Freadom App in the evening. Once all her responsibilities are fulfilled, she pulls up the app and gets to reading, taking her time to really immerse herself in each story. Finally, she opens up the associated quizzes, taking pride in testing her comprehension skills by answering all the questions.

“After stories, there are questions,” she explains. “There are many cool, interesting questions on Freadom. I love to do them!” Kashish also regularly engages in the various learning activities, having exhausted almost all of the 1500+ options. “I want more activities!” she declares, laughing.

But the Freadom App is more than just a digital library with a few comprehension questions. It is the ultimate English learning companion, with activities, quizzes, age-appropriate news stories and customized story recommendations. Every feature of the app is designed to encourage long-term engagement and facilitate the development of life-long habits. And Kashish has certainly demonstrated what the power of daily reading can do in the long-run!

By far, her favorite part of the Freadom App is the Buzz tab where children can stay up to date on the news and use the innovative record feature to test out their pronunciation. She loves to explore her very own customized feed, as well as the specific articles that Freadom recommends based on her reading level! She’s an incredibly avid reader and is constantly on the lookout for new “long stories.” Kashish also loves devouring collections that bring in a touch of humor. “I love stories in which there is a joke,” she explains. “Funny stories!”

Many children, much like Kashish, are passionate readers. However, few are able to maintain the type of consistency and dedication that she has found. When asked what brings her to the app every single day, she smiles and simply replies: “Because I enjoy it.”

There are so many aspiring readers out there who want to get started on the Freadom app, and just can’t find what it takes to build it into a life-long habit. For them, Kashish offers these words of encouragement.

“Just try to learn a new thing everyday.”

The Freadom app certainly has a lot to offer, and this growth-oriented mindset is sure to inspire other children. In fact, it is this very attitude that has empowered her to maintain the highest streak on the app so far!

We find Kashish incredibly inspiring in her desire to always learn new things and push herself outside her comfort zone. We are so grateful that Kashish has chosen Freadom to empower her love of reading, and we cannot wait to see what she gets up to next!

Do you want your child to build a lifelong love for reading too?

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