A Day with My Animal Friends

Have you been to a zoo? Read about Sanjana’s experience at the zoo. Happy reading!

First, we saw monkeys swinging on the branches. We fed them some bananas.


Next, we saw a giraffe, its neck was so  long and cute. It was eating leaves from a tree.  


After that, we saw a lion which was so terrific and scary to look at. I was so afraid to see the lion.


Then, we went the bird’s place. There were so many varieties of birds to see. They were beautiful & colourful. The birds were making a sweet noise.


Finally, we visited the fish aquarium. There we saw so many cute, tiny and colorful fishes.

It was an amazing and wonderful trip with my family. Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. 

Written by- Sanjana Pradeepraj

Age- 8 years

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