Travel to the Zoo with Me

Have you felt bad for animals that live in a zoo? Read Sonakshi’s blog to find out what she thinks about the same. Happy reading!

I was so excited to visit the zoo. It was scenic. The surroundings were clean. But the animals were locked in a cage. I felt very bad for them. 

At the zoo, we ate ice-cream. Next, we discovered many animals, which was really cool. I was so excited that I ran here and there because I wanted to see all the animals at once. 

Can you believe it? I saw that a monkey took away a child’s hat. It was so funny and scary. When I saw the lion, I was too afraid. I saw the guards at the entrance so I felt better. 

I enjoyed visiting the zoo. But I was afraid of the lion. My parents,  sister and cousin came with me. The photographers clicked our photographs. 

After a day of fun, we finally got home as I was too tired! 

I liked going to the zoo, but these places should be banned as the animals should be kept in the forest. I don’t want to visit the zoo again, as I feel sad for the animals there. 

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog! 

Written by- – Sonakshi Rana

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