A Bus Journey to Pune

Have you traveled by bus? Read more about Dhyan’s memorable bus journey. Happy reading!
The city of Pune

Last summer vacation, I visited Pune with my parents. My father told me that Pune was very far. Do you know we went there by bus? It was a long journey. I traveled by sleeper bus for the first time. It was nice and comfortable. We played antakshari, cards and many games during the journey and then we slept. It was an amazing experience.

Pune market

We reached Pune by afternoon. We checked into the hotel room. In the evening, we went shopping. I bought a lot of clothes and toys. 

After that, we had dinner at the hotel. It was tasty. Next morning, we went to Imagica park. We saw many tourists on the way. I enjoyed the rides and rode on a boat. I also played with a water gun. I ate ice-cream. Then we came back to the hotel. 

Next day, we went sightseeing. We visited many temples and shopping malls.

Shaniwar Wada fort

At the end of the trip, we visited Shaniwar Wada Fort. We walked around the fort. It was big and beautiful. Later, we had a tasty lunch. I enjoyed vada pav and sandwiches. 

 Finally we returned home via airplane. I really enjoyed my trip. It was fantastic. 

Written by- Dhyan Nayak

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