A Journey to Rajasthan

Have you visited the state of Rajasthan? Read Kaneera’s blog to find out more about this beautiful state. Happy reading!

I visited Rajasthan with my parents and my maternal aunt. I was very excited to visit Rajasthan. We took a flight from Patna at 5:00 pm and reached Delhi at 9:00 pm. Finally we landed at Jaipur airport at 9:30 pm.

Beautiful palaces in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is famous for its culture. We experienced camel safari, jeep safari, pottery, magic shows, puppet dance, etc. We went to the war museum and saw many forts.

Puppet show

I enjoyed the magic show the most. The magician performed a magic trick, where he put a ball inside the bag. He told me that the ball had gone inside my stomach. I coughed and the ball came out. I was shocked to see the ball had really come out of my mouth!.

The war museum at Jaisalmer

We also went to the war museum. I saw many military tanks and historic pictures of soldiers there. It was interesting.

After a wonderful trip, I was sad to leave. It is a great place to visit. Hope you enjoyed my blog. Thank you for reading. 

Written by- Kaneera Raj

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