My Trip to Nicco Park

Have you been to an amusement park? Read about Aprameya’s trip to Nicco Park. Happy reading!
Entrance of Nicco Park

I want to share about my trip to Nicco Park. I went there with my mother. 

The journey to Nicco Park was 10 minutes long. The route was beautiful and amazing. I could not wait to get there. 

After reaching there, I enjoyed the rides, and had so much fun! You can also visit the park. 

Fun rides at Nicco Park

Then I went to the water section to play. Something scary happened. I almost drowned, but my mother pulled my head out, and I could breathe. It was scary and a bit funny.

Ghost house at Nicco Park

I wanted to go to the ghost house but it was closed. Then we had to leave. 

I loved the park so much that I cannot wait to visit it again.

Written by- Aprameya Dhananjay Vaze

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