Three Days in Goa

Sunsets are beautiful. Read more to find out about Saesha’s experience. Happy reading!

I went to Goa in 2019. I went there with my parents. We traveled there by train, the trip was for three days. We stayed there at Hotel De Falcon. It was a wonderful hotel with a swimming pool. It was near the beach.

Fridge magnets
Fridge magnets

At noon we started exploring Goa. We went out to the market. There were many small shops. There was a shop that had a lot of fridge magnets, so I bought two fridge magnets.

Beautiful churches in Goa

After that we went sightseeing. We saw many churches and temples. I saw the most beautiful sunset for the first time. It was breathtaking. 

Sunset at Goa

Later we also went into the sea to spot the dolphins by a motor boat. We had a wonderful time in Goa. I will never forget. I love Goa because of its lovely and vibrant culture. I would love to visit there again and again.

Written by- Saesha Bhardwaj

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