A Family Visit to Mumbai

Do you travel to a different city to meet your grandparents or cousins? Read about Reyansh’s travel experience with his family. Happy reading!

In August 2021, I went to Mumbai with my mother and younger brother. I was so excited. We traveled there by airplane. By the time we reached Mumbai, I was exhausted. 

 Mumbai was fun. I played with my cousin. I met my nani (grandmother), nana (grandfather), mausi (aunt)  and mausaji (uncles). But we couldn’t go out. Do you know why? It was because of covid. I was sad that I couldn’t visit the beaches and other places like the Gateway of India.

Gateway of India, Mumbai

I wanted to stay longer. I was sad that it was time to return to Bengaluru. It was an amazing trip. I wish to return to Mumbai soon. 

Written by- Reyansh Sharma

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