A Trip to Vagamon

Have you been to a beautiful town? Read Arnav’s blog as he visits this unique town with his family. Happy reading!

We traveled last to Vagamon. Vagamon is a hill station near Kochi. I went there with my parents in December 2021. We stayed in a resort named Foggy Knolls. This resort has cave houses. Vagamon has activities like safari drives to many historical places to visit. 

Foggy Knolls, Vagamon

My parents and I were thrilled to stay in cave-like houses which were very different. I loved it. The food at the resort was also delicious. We ate some nice chicken barbeque for dinner. 

Safari drive

Next day we went for a long safari drive. It was a lot of fun. We went around in a jeep. Most of the time there was a lot of fog but I enjoyed it. 

Water fall in Vagamon

We saw many marvellous things like a big waterfall. My parents took pictures of all the places. Each of these places had amazing views.

Next day we traveled back home. It was a great short trip. We had a good time. 

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

Written by- Arnav Nair

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