A Visit to Kabini 

Have you ever been to Kabini? Read about Kashvi’s experience. Happy reading!
Kabini River

In this blog, I am going to share my experience of visiting Kabini with my friends and family. 

Boating in the Kabini backwaters

When we reached Kabini, we played in the jacuzzi and enjoyed ourselves. After that, we did rope walking in the resort. It was exciting! 

Then, we went boating in the Kabini backwaters. There we saw lots and lots of birds. 

Peacock in the Kabini forest

In the afternoon, we went on a safari to the Kabini forest. There we saw a lot of peacocks and peahens very close by.


Finally, we enjoyed a big bon-fire in the night. We had dinner by the bon-fire. It was very different eating outdoors. My family and I were chatting and playing. I had so much fun during my visit to Kabini and enjoyed my time seeing nature. I hope you liked reading my blog.

Written by- Kashvi SG

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