An Amazing Visit to the Butterfly Garden

Have you visited a garden full of butterflies? Read Atharva’s blog to find out more.
Entrance to the Dubai Butterfly Garden

I am going to share with you my experience of visiting the Butterfly Garden in Dubai. My parents made a plan to visit the Butterfly Garden over the weekend. So we booked our tickets online that very same day.

Butterfly Garden is in the Miracle Garden in Dubai

On the day of the visit, my friend and his family also joined us.

A lovely butterfly

The entrance of the garden was so beautiful. It was decorated with pretty flowers and a giant butterfly. There were four zones in the garden and each had a different variety of butterflies.

There was also a portrait of the United Arab Emirates’s president, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. It was made of many butterflies drawn together. It looked wonderful.

My butterfly friend

In one of the programs for kids, I learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly. I even saw a pupa. 

When we first arrived there, I was scared of butterflies. Only when a butterfly sat on my shoulder, I felt my fear fade away. I made friends with the butterfly and I enjoyed the butterflies everywhere. 

Butterflies of all shapes and sizes are found here

We ran around and took pictures with different butterflies. It was so much fun. Each butterfly was so colorful and beautiful. I had never seen butterflies like them before.  There were butterflies of different shapes, sizes and colors. It was a memorable experience. 

Thanks for reading my blog. 

Written by- Atharva Gupta 

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