My Visit to Marina Beach

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Marina beach

One summer evening, I went to the Marina beach with my family. Marina beach is in Chennai. The view there was beautiful and the breeze was pleasant. 

At first, I was gazing at the shore and it was lovely. But I was a little scared to go near the water. Later, I soaked my feet holding my mom’s hand really tight. I really enjoyed it. After that, we built a sandcastle together and collected tiny shells. It was so much fun. 

Balloon shooting

We tried many other activities at the beach. We did some balloon shooting. I was delighted when I could burst the balloons. There were plenty of carnival rides spread around the beach. The carousel ride was fun.

Running around the beach

Later, we played a game called the dog and the bone. I got very tired of chasing. I was gasping for breath.

Overall, it was a fun filled evening at the Marina beach. I would love to visit there soon. Hope you enjoyed my blog. 

Written by- G.Mokshitha 

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