A Trip to Goa

In this narrative, read about Prayashi’s trip to Goa with her family and cousin.

Wonderful! That’s the best word to describe my trip to Goa. Goa is a tourist place and it is famous for its beaches. There are different types of food, churches and many famous spots to see there. 

I traveled by airplane with my parents and cousin. We stayed for four days in a hotel.

My seashells collection

First thing we did when we reached Goa was we went to the beach. It was lots of fun. I collected lots of seashells. 30 in total. Isn’t that amazing? I saw so many shells of different sizes and colors. I collected shells of every color. It was so beautiful, it looked like I had a little rainbow in my bag. 

Second, we went to historical places and famous sports. There was lots to see and learn there. We saw the sunset, it was dreamy and beautiful.

Sunset in Goa

After that we went shopping. We bought lots of gifts for ourselves as well as our family and friends. 

Goa is a beautiful and scenic place. I recommend everyone to visit there once. And don’t forget to eat the delicious Goan cuisine.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. 

Written by- Prayashi Sagar Das

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