My Thailand Trip

Have you done snorkeling? Read Aarav’s blog to find out more.

I visited Thailand with my parents and grandparents. We took a flight from Kolkata to Bangkok and reached our hotel at night. We had dinner and slept as we were tired. 

Giraffes at the zoo

The next day, we woke up and had breakfast. After that we went to the zoo. It was superb! The zoo had so many animals like elephants, zebras, giraffes, tigers, lions , different kinds of birds and dolphins.. I was so excited to meet them all. We saw an elephant painting with a paintbrush. I was so surprised to see that. 

Dolphin show

After that, we had some delicious lunch in the food court at the zoo. We then went to watch the Dolphin show. Dolphins were jumping in the water and were doing different tricks. It was a beautiful sight to see. 

In the evening, my dad and mom went shopping and I stayed with my grandparents in the hotel. 

A beautiful resort in Phuket

Next morning we flew to Phuket from Bangkok. We stayed in a beautiful resort in Phuket. I played on the beach the whole day, making sand castles and collecting seashells. 

Phi Phi Island

On our last day, we went island hopping. We went to Phi-Phi Island. We went snorkeling in the Indian Ocean, and it was a very exciting experience. 

Our vacation came to an end and then we returned to India. It was a trip to remember. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. 

Written by -Aarav Adiel Mishra 

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