A Beautiful Trip to Goa

Have you seen a beautiful sunrise? Read Aradhya’s blog to find out more.

This blog is about my trip to Goa. We planned to go to Goa with my brother’s friends. My brother and I were really looking forward to this trip.  

We travelled from Mumbai to Goa by train. We were going to visit some famous spots in Goa, mainly the beaches. 

Speedboat ride in Goa

When we reached Goa, we first checked into our hotel. We rested for a while, freshened up and left to do something fun. We went on a speedboat ride at the beach and watched the waves and sunset.

Sunrise in Goa

It was also my friend’s birthday so we celebrated it by cutting a big cake. We all gave him a birthday gift and he was very happy. At the hotel, we had a huge variety of food. All of us tried some delicious Italian and some spicy Chinese food. We were chatting and laughed and had loads of fun!

Then, we slept and woke up to a wonderful sunrise view from our room at 6.30 am. The next day we left from Goa by flight. It was a great trip. I recommend Goa for a fun trip!

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. 

Written by- Aradhya Shelar

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