A Visit to Dubai

Have you seen dolphins jump in the water? Read Ananya’s blog to find out more.

My family and I went to Dubai many years back. I always feel very happy when I think about my trip to Dubai. I remember my sister and I were so excited to be there.

When we reached Dubai, we did many activities there. It is a huge city with many buildings. Our first stop was the Dubai Dolphinarium. I was so happy to see dolphins jump in the water.

Dubai Mall

Later, we did some shopping in the Dubai Mall. We bought many gifts for our family and friends. As we were walking through the mall, I saw a pink dolphin soft toy. I loved it! My parents bought that for me.

Middle Eastern food

After shopping, we ate some food at the mall. We ate Middle Eastern cuisine. We tried Falafel, Baba Ghannouj and Tabouleh. I had it for the first time, we really enjoyed the food. 

Camels in the desert

The next day we went on a desert safari. I saw many camels there, they were so tall.  I rode on a camel with my parents. It was scary but thrilling.  

On our last day there we met my father’s childhood friend. We met him for dinner. My father shared many stories from their childhood. It was a great evening! 

I liked Dubai a lot. Our visit was wonderful. Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. 

Written by- Ananya Yadav

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