A Visit to the Mysore Zoo

Have you seen a white peacock? Read Ansh’s blog to find out more.

My family and I visited the Mysore Zoo last December. We saw many cages that were full of wild animals. We saw different kinds of wild animals like lions, tigers and deer. In this zoo, some wild animals are kept in the open area too. These areas are covered with a big and high boundary grill.

Monkey at the Mysore Zoo

I always wanted to see monkeys eating bananas, and finally, I did at this zoo. They were enjoying their meal and I clicked some pictures.

A white peacock at the Mysore Zoo

We saw many colourful birds. We saw our national bird, the peacock there with its shiny feathers. Have you seen a peacock dance? We saw that too. It opened its feathers and started moving them. I was amazed! As we were about to leave the area, we saw a white peacock! It was the first time in my life that I had seen one. It was as white as snow.

Mysore Zoo

When we were out of energy, we went to eat some ice cream and popcorn. The zoo was so clean and tidy, it was well maintained. Finally, we left the zoo in the evening. It was a nice day spent at the zoo. 

Hope you enjoyed reading about my visit to the zoo.

Written by- Anshumaan Sasam

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