A Week in Vijayawada

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On a sunny day, we went to Vijayawada for a week to meet my relatives. My family and I got there by car. Since it was a long drive, I took a long nap.

Market in Vijayawada

There we stayed at my uncle’s house there. I played with my uncle’s son after so long; we had a blast. They showed us around the city and we chatted about school with each other. We were meeting after many years, so there were lots of stories to share. 

We went to visit our other family members too. They all live nearby, so we simply walked to their homes. It was so great to see everyone. Loved the warmth, hugs and gifts they gave us.

Krishna River

While talking, I told my cousin that I had never seen the Krishna river. My cousin said he will show it to me. My brother and I joined him to see the river, it was so peaceful to look at. My brother enjoys photography, so he took some amazing pictures of the river and the view around it. We sat there for some time in silence, it was surreal. 

We then returned home and rested for some time.  Our aunt had prepared some yummy dishes for us, like fritters and custard. We enjoyed it with our entire family. 

The entire week went so fast, I loved it! My cousins and I had a great time playing and exploring the city. It was a memorable stay in Vijayawada with my family. I didn’t explore the city much because it was to visit family but I’d love to go again. 

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. 

Written by- G Kashvi Sreshta

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