Binu, the Dog

Have your parents scolded you? Read Haniya’s story about Binu, the dog who is scolded by his parents.

Once, there was a dog named Binu. He was very naughty. His parents scolded him a lot. He did not like being scolded by his parents. 

One day, he went to the park with his friends. They were all  kidnapped by some evil men. Binu and his friends were very scared. After some time they heard one of the kidnappers was talking on the phone. 

They asked for a ransom of one lakh rupees. Binu and her friends were scared. They knew their parents did not have so much money. 

Even their parents were very worried because they did not have so much money but they had an idea. They thought of asking their neighbours for some money. 

Meanwhile, Binu and his friends were very scared. They were in the darkroom without any food or water. They were shivering with fear.

All the parents collected all the money, it was one lakh. They gave it to the kidnappers. 

Binu and his friends returned home happily. Binu said sorry to his parents and told them that he wouldn’t be naughty again.

His parents hugged him and they lived happily ever after. 

Written by- Haniya Haider

  1. A writer is born,, dear Haniya you are a fabulous writer, you made me really proud 🦚 ,God bless you with many more such achievements credit goes to your mother, whose efforts made you what you are today , could not have asked for more at this age

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