Exploring Udaypur

Have you visited Udaypur? Read Tamanna’s blog to find out more.

On our last trip, we went to Udaypur. It is situated between the Orissa and West Bengal border. Udaypur is different from Udaipur, a tourist place in Rajasthan.

When we began the trip, I thought that it would be very boring as there are no historic places to see in Udaypur. Still, I was looking forward to this trip. 

The place is absolutely stunning during the summers. I was so surprised to see the scenery, it was so breathtaking. 

Talasari Beach

We went to Talasari Beach on a one day picnic. It is a very famous beach. We spent the day walking and playing. We played many games together as a family. Some of my cousins went swimming too. It was a fun-filled day! 

After an amazing day at the beach, we were all really hungry. We went to a restaurant and ordered some delicious food. We all ate some scrumptious chicken tandoori and dal fry along with some salad. We all had a hearty meal. I remember this day to be one of the best on this trip. 

On our last day of the trip, we went to see the Udaypur museum there. It was a great learning experience. My cousins and I learnt so many new things and we took photographs. The museum was filled with antiques and photographs from all around India. 

Our trip to Udaypur was an amazing one. Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. 

Written By – Tamanna Mainshal

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